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We have a variety of both Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds to choose from allowing us to find the PERFECT diamond for you!
Use the link below to begin your search.   Specify your preferred color, carat, clarity, and cut to find exactly what you are looking for!
When looking to buy a diamond you want to make sure you look for the 4 C’s first.  This is important because it will determine how much the diamond is worth. The 4 C’s includes the carat which is the size of the diamond and you can find this out from a diamond scale.  The next of the 4 is color you will want to focus more on finding a diamond graded closer to a D. The third one is clarity you can measure this by seeing how much light comes through the diamond. This will tell you how many inclusions are within the diamond.  The last one to make sure to look for is the cut of the diamond. The cut of the diamond will determine the shape and will determine how light is reflected on it.

4 Cs Infographic