Jewelry and Watch Repair

We are honored to be known for our exceptional in-house jewelry and watch repair.  Our bench jeweler, Cam, has nearly a decade worth of experience and is meticulous with all of his work. Our watch repairman, Tom, has been working on watches and clocks for over 40 years so you can imagine he's seen a lot of watches needing repair during his time!  

We know your jewelry is irreplaceable and some of you may feel nervous being without if for a few days. Please be assured that our watch and jewelry repairs are performed right on-site allowing us to perform the repairs as quickly as possible without sending them through the mail. As an added assurance, all of your items are fully insured through our insurance while they are with us.


Do you change watch batteries?

Yes!  Watch Batteries are $12 and include a 1 year warranty.  We also include a complimentary band cleaning (on metal watch bands) and your watch will be returned in complimentary velour travel pouch. 

How much does it cost to size my ring?

There are many factors that determine the cost to size a ring: type of metal, ring width, how many sizes we are going up or down, amount of stones, etc.  Because of this, we must see your ring in person in order to give you an exact quote.  Come in our store any time during our business hours and we will most likely be able to size your finger and get you a quote within minutes!

Do you do complimentary cleanings and inspections?

Yes!  Bring your jewelry in!  We are always happy to clean and inspect your jewelry regardless of where you purchased it from.  We will always check for any loose stones before soaking it in our cleaner and steaming it off.  It always brightens our day to see how happy you are to see your jewelry sparkling like new again!  

How long do repairs take?

We usually estimate about a week for our repairs but often repairs are even finished earlier than that!  Repairs may take longer if we need to order in any special parts that we do not have in stock. Our jeweler finishes the repairs in the same order we receive them.   If you need a repair done within 24 hours, we do have an Express Service available for an additional charge.

When should I bring in my items? What is the process like?

You may bring them in anytime during our regular business hours; you do not need an appointment.  We will either give you a quote right then, or take the item in for our jeweler to evaulate and call you with a quote the next business day.  When we take in your items we will ask for your contact information (so we know how best to reach you), and take a picture of your item(s) that will print on your receipt.  We will contact you as soon as your times are ready for pick-up.  You may pay for your repair once you pick it up.